Dr Daniel Koehn

Dr Koehn’s research focus is structural geology and tectonics as well as pattern formation in geological systems. He works on a large range of length and time scales and use field observations, numerical simulations and experiments for his research. More specifically he works on projects related to fracturing, fluid flow and fracture sealing, hydrofracturing, Flow and Transformation in Porous Media, advection-diffusion and reactive fluid flow related to dolomitisation and mineral deposits, layering in rocks, stylolite stress Inversion and basin analysis, extreme horst uplift, tectonics and faulting in the East Africa Rift and tectonics and stress of the continental margins of Namibia and Brazil.

He is specifically interested in interdisciplinary work and am coordinating European Doctoral Training Networks with groups of physicists, mineralogists and earth scientists. One of his main field focuses is Africa, especially the East African Rift where he has collaborated with local researchers for the last 12 years. Education through science has become very important for him ranging from presentations at local schools through student exploration trips to Tanzania to the European Researchers Night and collaboration with the Hunterian Museum and the Jardin des Sciences and Maison pour la Science in Strasbourg and Uganda Wild Life Authority as well as local communities in Uganda.


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