Dr Boyson Henry Z. Moyo

Boyson Henry Z. Moyo is a Senior Lecturer at Bunda Campus at the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. He teaches courses Agriculture and Environment, Environmental Management and Indigenous Knowledge for Agriculture and Natural Resources. Moyo has obtained his PhD from the University of Glasgow, and holds MSc in Environmental Science form the Greenwich University, BSc in Agriculture from Bunda College of Agriculture Malawi, as well as BSc in Environmental Science from Netherlands.

Moyo is an agricultural, development and environment expert with research interests in development, environmental management, and sustainable agriculture. His recent book addresses issues of ‘Indigenous Knowledge Perceptions and Development Practice in Northern Malawi: Lessons from Small-scale Farmers’ Agricultural Practices’ and constitutes the ‘Handbook of Research on Social, Cultural, and Educational Considerations of Indigenous Knowledge in Developing Countries’. Moyo’s other published work includes articles on ‘Aquatic Biota as Indicators of Water Pollution’, and ‘Assessment of the Corrosiveness of Water in the Distribution Line from Intake to Consumer Outlets in Malawi’ (both co-authored).