Dr Brian Barrett

Brian Barrett is a lecturer at the School of Geographical & Earth Sciences at the University of Glasgow.

Dr Barrett’s main research interests are in the use of remote sensing for monitoring, modelling and understanding environmental change across multiple spatial and temporal scales. He uses data acquired from in-situ, aerial and spaceborne sensors to deliver new insights into natural processes occurring in a range of environments, including grasslands, uplands, boreal and semi-arid regions.

A lot of his research has been concerned with monitoring and modelling the spatio-temporal dynamics of surface soil moisture in Ireland, and later, Spain and Finland using spaceborne radar. More recently, he has been exploring the use of different machine learning algorithms to identify patterns in time-series of multi-source datasets with the goal of improving land use inventories and modelling biomass across sites in Ireland and Colombia.

The possibility of furthering understanding of the interactions between physical processes and society (present & past) and working at the interface of disciplines within greatly interests him and he is currently working on 3D geovisualisation techniques applied to sites in Melos (Greece) and Vulcano (Aeolian Islands) as part of the interdisciplinary GR-AMs project.