Dr Vincent B. Muwanika

Dr Vincent B. Muwanika is an Associate Professor and holds a PhD in Evolutionary & Conservation biology.

He has vast experience in training and research in sustainable natural resources utilization especially Biological resources both wild and on-farm biodiversity. His current research is focused on seeking to understand and explain processes that drive diversification in a wide range of taxa especially Africa’s large mammals and aquatic fauna. The underlying hypothesis is that it is through understanding these processes that we are able to design appropriate conservation strategies.

In recent years he has expanded his scope and is now trying to understand why some selected viral diseases persist despite the several control measure. The hypothesis is that rapid change in the genomes of these viruses could underlie this phenomenon. His overall goal is to contribute towards disease control especially of livestock of economic importance. At the moment he heads the Molecular Biology Laboratory at the Department where he is actively involved in developing local research capacity. He is currently supervising 8 PhD and 10 master students doing research on different aspects of, evolution,  sustainable utilization, and conservation of biological resources. In the last 10 years, he has also gained considerable experience in management of consultancies and collaborative research projects being a  project manager/ team leader for several large projects hosted by his Institute such as the Wildlife- Livestock disease project, Wildlife Genetics project, NEXTGENE EU Project  etc.

He has published over 40 scientific papers in the last 10 years mostly in the areas of evolution, diseases control, sustainable utilization and conservation of biological diversity. He has been a Visting Lecturer at the Swedish University of Life Sciences and a host of Local Universities in Uganda.