Molly Gilmour

Molly is a interdisciplinary Doctoral Researcher at the University of Glasgow working with Dr Mia Perry researching ‘How can we Improve Humanitarian Aid Provision for Forced Migrants on the Margins of Europe’ using a Sociology, Epidemiology and Community Development research methodology and design.  This research is enriched by her experience in both the field and head office for humanitarian aid organisations. After graduating from Dublin City University with a BA (Hons) in Contemporary Culture and Society, Molly completed her MSc in Sociology Migration and Ethnic Studies at the University of Amsterdam

Molly’s specific area of interest is in health care accessibility, for which she has written papers on undocumented migrants in European urban settings and their access to health care services and psychosocial well-being for humanitarian aid workers in the (I)NGO sector. Molly’s role works as the Communications Coordinator for the Sustainable Futures in Africa network and works closely with her Ugandan, Nigerian, Malawian and Botswana counterparts.