Prof. Rebecca Nthogo Lekoko

Prof Lekoko has been educated in Botswana, Canada and USA, first as a teacher trainer then an adult educator. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a Doctor of Education in Adult Education, specializing in community development. Her professional practices weave together diverse and pertinent issues pertaining to community development such as education for empowerment, social mobilization strategies and participatory approaches.

Publications in her credit include books (sole, co-written & edited), most recently ; ‘Leveraging community-university engagements for social impact with lifelong penchants”, Cases on Grassroots Campaigns for community empowerment and social change (IGI), and International perspectives on older adult education: Research, policies and practice,. She has published journals internationally such as the International Journal of Lifelong, Community Development Journal, Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences. She has attended many conferences and has served as a keynote speaker, chair of sessions and a discussant to the keynote speaker.