Apala Widows and Orphanage Center (AWOC)

Apala Widows and Orphanage Center or AWOC was set up by Dr.Alex Okot (a Sociologist at Makerere University, and SFA Ugandan Hub Director) in 1994 and formally registered in 2007.

AWOC’s Vision: A society where all peoples have developed capacity, skills and attitude for personal and social self-actualization and social and economic development that is environmentally friendly.

AWOC’s Mission: To develop capacity, skills, attitudes and the potentials of the peoples in the catchment area so that they are able to live a fully meaningful and fulfilling life; as well as engage in development that guarantees the ecology.

AWOC is located at Apala Town Council Alebtong District, northern Uganda and focuses on the following:

  1. Support for education of vulnerable youth at secondary and tertiary levels
  2. Support to widows for livelihood enhancement
  3. Support to the girl child for education
  4. Water and sanitation for the community.

For more information: https://awocuganda.wordpress.com/