Margaret is an agricultural entrepreneurial graduate of FATE Foundation Entrepreneurship Program, with a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Economics and Extension, who is passionate about how to achieve Zero Hunger in the Sub-Saharan Africa context with emphasis on Sustainable food systems, Hydroponics and food banking.Continue reading MARGARET OJOCHIDE ALIGBE

Chieloka Okonkwo

Eloka is currently working on his doctoral dissertation at the University of Southern Mississippi where he majors in economic development with a minor in political development. His research interests focus on developing strategies, policies, and models that can enable economic growth and sustainable development in Africa. In addition to this, he currently mentors entrepreneurs andContinue reading Chieloka Okonkwo

Richard Randle-Boggis

Richard Randle-Boggis is Research Associate with a background in environmental science and biology, and a focus on sustainable infrastructure development. His vision is to create combined sustainable infrastructure and agriculture systems that will enhance livelihoods by providing communities with renewable electricity and food security. Currently Richard is managing a grant to arrange workshops in GlasgowContinue reading Richard Randle-Boggis

Bosco Chinkonda

Bosco is a born and raised Malawian, manages Finance and Operations with the Art & Global Health Center Africa (ArtGlo) responsible for the organization’s finances, administration, M&E and research. Bosco is also a part-time lecturer in Sociology at Chancellor College, where is studying for his Master of Arts in Sociology focusing on gender and empowerment.Continue reading Bosco Chinkonda

Andrew Vincent

Andrew is an entrepreneur with a strong passion for creating business with purpose. A Finance & Accounting graduate and Saltire Foundation Fellow, Andrew started his career in Accountancy and subsequently Economic Development. He left his day job to follow his passions for business and charity. A founding member of Classrooms for Malawi, a not-for-profit withContinue reading Andrew Vincent

Esomchi Agalamanyi

Prior to starting the MSc Education, Public Policy and Equity programme at the University of Glasgow, Esomchi completed a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the University of Nigeria. Presently the Regional Coordinator of Commonwealth Scholars in West Scotland, Esomchi acts as a central proactive contact for commonwealth scholars within the region. He is passionateContinue reading Esomchi Agalamanyi

Joseph Obadiora (Ph.D)

OBADIORA, Adebayo Joseph (Ph.D) is a lecturer in the Department of Arts and Social Science Education, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. He has his first degree in Social Studies Education, second and third degree in Curriculum Development. Obadiora is working hard and making remarkable contributions in the areas of research through scholarly publications in reputableContinue reading Joseph Obadiora (Ph.D)

Lynne McCorriston

Lynne McCorriston is a Research and Business Development Manager for the College of Science and Engineering at the University of Glasgow. She supports researchers across the College to develop funding applications and engage with external partners. The College provides support and training for early career staff across grant writing, industrial engagement and career development. LynneContinue reading Lynne McCorriston

Dr Nai Rui Chng

Nai Rui Chng holds a PhD in political science from the London School of Economics and Political Science and is currently a research associate in the Institute of Health and Wellbeing at the University of Glasgow. His main research interest is the politics of health and environment, and he specialises in policy and programme evaluation.Continue reading Dr Nai Rui Chng

Prof. Adrian Boyce

Adrian Boyce is Professor of Applied Geology at SUERC. He is a Fellow of the Society of Economic Geologists (SEG) and Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) and a leader applied stable isotope Geoscience research in the UK and beyond. Adrian has co-published over 285 peer-reviewed papers (h-index=40), many focused on the application of stableContinue reading Prof. Adrian Boyce

Dr Mercy Adeogun

Mercy Adeogun has a PhD in Agricultural Extension and Rural Development and Lecture at Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Lagos. His research work focuses on indigenous knowledge in fisheries and aquatic resources. A change agent in local community with practical engagement for more than 15 years, Dr Adeogun focuses on small holder farmers/fishersContinue reading Dr Mercy Adeogun

Carolyn Khamete Mango

Carolyn Khamete Mango is a Commonwealth Scholarship Commission PhD scholar at the University of Glasgow, UK. Her research interest focuses on postcolonial African feminism and its contribution in the Kenyan film industry by studying six contemporary Kenyan women filmmakers. Carolyn is also a past Commonwealth Scholarship Commission scholar having studied for a Master of ResearchContinue reading Carolyn Khamete Mango

Mary Ryan

Mary Ryan is an International Development Coordinator at the University of Glasgow. She facilitates activity of the University’s staff and students who are working with developing country partners through networking event, funding information and information sharing across disciplines. She also manages the Zoonoses and Emerging Livestock Systems Associated Studentship programme, a cohort of 16 studentsContinue reading Mary Ryan

Dr Amol Deshmukh

Dr Amol Deshmukh is working as a human-robot interaction researcher in computing science department at University of Glasgow. He is a Roboticist and has worked on multiple European Union projects involving social robots in work places, children in schools and public spaces. Dr Deshmukh has published more than 36 papers internationally and recently conducted first ofContinue reading Dr Amol Deshmukh

Ruth Mumba

Ruth Mumba has a BSc in Earth Sciences and Geography from  the University of Malawi. Ruth is the Director of Abundance Worldwide, a nonprofit organization working on human development and environmental conservation. She has worked on research programs with The University of Glasgow, College of Science, and Engineering, in questionnaire design, team and funds management,Continue reading Ruth Mumba

Lessah Mandoloma

Lessah Mandoloma, is a lecturer in Natural Resources Management. She has a BSc and an MSc in Natural Resources Management- from University of Malawi and Egerton University, Kenya respectively. Lessah is an AWARD fellow, a career-development program that equips top women agricultural scientist across sub-Saharan Africa to accelerate agricultural gains by strengthening their research andContinue reading Lessah Mandoloma

Dr Tajudeen Adewumi Adebisi

Tajudeen Adewumi Adebisi obtained his Bachelor’s degree (Education/English), Master’s degree (Adult Education), and Doctoral degree (Adult Education) from Obafemi Awolowo University (OAU), Nigeria. Dr Adebisi started lecturing in 2007 as one of the pioneer lecturers in Osun State University, Osogbo, Nigeria. Dr Adebisi is now lecturing in the Department of Adult Education and Lifelong Learning,Continue reading Dr Tajudeen Adewumi Adebisi

Dr Azeez Babatunde Adebakin

Azeez Babatunde Adebakin (Ph.D) is a faculty member in the Department of Educational Management, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria. His research interests revolve around educational planning, economics of education, entrepreneurship education, employability,  job skills/competences development as well as education and work transitions. He has considerable experience in conducting mixed methods research in education in developingContinue reading Dr Azeez Babatunde Adebakin

Erin Jessee

Erin Jessee is a Lord Kelvin Adam Smith Research Fellow in History at the University of Glasgow specialising in armed conflict and trauma. She has over a decade of experience conducting research in Rwanda, and recently published Negotiating Genocide in Rwanda: The Politics of History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2017). She has also published articles in Memory Studies, Conflict andContinue reading Erin Jessee

Dr Bola Salami Issa

Dr Issa is an environmentalist with academic backgrounds and field experiences in Surveying and Geo-informatics (Bsc, A.B.U Zaria), Climate Change Risks Management (PgD. Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands) and Environmental Management (Msc. University of Glamorgan, Wales U.K). Dr Issa is about to start his PhD in Environmental Policy to work on Cumulative Environmental Risk Exposures and Impacts Assessment. Being an academic withContinue reading Dr Bola Salami Issa

Dr Julien Reboud

Dr Julien Reboud (PhD, Université Joseph Fourier/CEA, 2006) is a Lecturer in Biomedical Engineering (since 2017) at the University of Glasgow. Through his PhD in France, his post-doctoral experience in the Institute of Microelectronics (A-STAR) in Singapore, and fellowship in Glasgow, he established a track record in developing and integrating microfluidic systems for medical diagnosticsContinue reading Dr Julien Reboud

Colin Reilly

Colin Reilly is a PhD student in English Language and Linguistics at the University of Glasgow. His research, funded by the Carnegie Trust, investigates language use and language attitudes in Malawian universities. Since 2014, he has been a Director of the Scotland Malawi Partnership.

Samir Halliru

Samir Halliru is a lecturer in the Department of Adult Education and Community Services, Bayero University, Kano (BUK) Nigeria. Samir holds a Diploma in Public and Private Law (HUK Polytechnic), B.Ed. Adult Education and Community Development (BUK), M.ED Community Development (BUK), MSC Adult and Continuing Education (University of Glasgow, UK) and is a final yearContinue reading Samir Halliru