Stewart Paul

Stewart Paul is an energetic, enthusiastic and a highly motivated young leader, with relevant knowledge, skills and capacity in planning and facilitating various initiatives for socio-economic as well as behavioural change in the society. He has a Bachelor of Social Science degree (Psychology) obtained from University of Malawi, Chancellor College. He is working as secretary for Abundance Worldwide – a non-profit organization working towards creating better lives for humans and caring for nature in Malawi.

Stewart is the Managing Director of Legal Wallet, which seeks to promote accountability and the rule of law in Malawi through provision of legal services for free through a mobile application and a website. He also works as Marketing and Distribution intern at Peacock Seeds where special focus is on production and distribution of drought tolerant varieties of maize and legume seeds. Apart from this, he is also Project Coordinator of Let’s Develop Malawi (LEDEMA), a youth focused organization which strives to facilitate poverty reduction in Malawi through wealth creation. His source of motivation is an inherent desire to initiate socio-economic as well as mind-set change among people on issues that affect their day-to-day lives.